White Bear from Black Mirror

White Bear from Black Mirror is so scary right now for me. (Eternal punishment? People who enjoy hating? Something else?) There is some extremely traumatic thing going on in my brain but consoling it is foolish. Just let it out. Traumatic memories from my past come out; scary flashbacks. From bullying in school to evil teachers, being hated a lot, from trauma due to events of the past to trauma due to fear of the future. Had an extremely traumatic childhood. Jeez, it opens up old wounds. Better get going though to the next episodes of Black Mirror.

P.S.: World spoiler alert: “People enjoy hating and love it when it singles out to one person.”

Let me describe what happens: And from it, at school as in the world, all sorts of meanness flow; the sycophancy that courts those higher in the scale, the cultivation of those whom it is well to know, the speedy abandonment of friendships that will not help on the upward path, the readiness to join the cry against the unpopular, the secret motive in almost every action.

–>The readiness to join the cry against the unpopular.

Nazis just don’t pop up into the air by accident. People should be ashamed of themselves.

white bear
White Bear

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