Thou Shalt Not Kill

(I have always sided with no murder of any man; everything should be decided by a court of law.)

People should not commit murder. Isn’t that obvious? What about when a State murders and INNOCENT man for the greater good? The State comprises of millions of people.

That only means that the State is bad. The State does not work on the principles of morality; it is better to think of it as a machine.

Israel was given the rule: ‘Thou shalt not kill.’ It is helpful to think that Israel was only a small state, which was given the truth about morality. The fact that Israel was small resonates with the fact that there are only a few good people in the world.

So, murder of an innocent man by the State is wrong, even though the State comprises of millions of people. (Think about the ethics of Navalny poisoning, which caused a lot of uproar in the International community. I don’t know the details of the matter; however, the very fact that the matter, true or feigned, caused a lot of uproar shows that the ethics still hold.)

So, murder of even a single man by the State is bad.

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