Some Words of Advice

On work


How long do men toil…

Yet how often

They do not think well.

The duller the axe

The harder the work.

The more brains

The less muscle you use.

Think therefore


On the ways of the world


We get

We don’t get

It’s fate

Not in our hands.

So work

Yet ease yourself

Slow down, breathe

Enjoy life

At peace.

An idle mind is the devil’s workshop


Don’t stay idle

Work, think

Don’t stay without work

Or anything to

Think on!

You may get thoughts

Evil thoughts

Useless thoughts


But on fruitful stuff

On good stuff

On useful stuff…

Never stay idle

But get on

With your life!

On forcing others


Do not

Never try

To coerce others

Against their will


The consequences are dire

What you think is good

May not be.

So never…

I repeat

Never coerce.

Steady yourself

Stand still.


I repeat

Never coerce…

Don’t take non-standard sources of information as your source


The people

Who spread lies

On internet chats

Differ from

The TV hosts.

One is non-standard

The other standard

One spreads lies mostly

The other truth

Yet both are trusted.

If someone takes

Advice from the chats

Yet doesn’t know

The other side

(And people do that…)

How misguided will they be!

How dangerous the chats are!

How they enslave people!

Trust yourself

Learn not from chats…

Love your life.

For in internet chats

The context is missing,

A twisted message gets out,

People always misunderstand,

People think you are someone else,

People are manipulated,

People are harmed.

So love your life

Don’t trust internet chats.

On trusting yourself



An authority is at fault

Or a friend

Trust yourself then

And your judgement

Use common sense!

Use your head!

You are right

The other person wrong.

Trust in your judgement!

Trust in

What you think is right!

Don’t change your opinions

Because someone else doesn’t

Agree with you.

Whoever that person might be.

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