You cannot understand everything

Simply put, you cannot understand everything that is on this Earth, howsoever wise you are. You cannot understand the meaning behind everything on the face of this Earth.

What I am is described below :-

  • I like programming.
  • I like being wise.
  • I like to apply my knowledge to everything I can to help others.
  • I like good food and enjoying my life.
  • I like playing chess.
  • I like hackathons.

I think I should try to take part in more hackathons before I get a job in IT and after I get a job in IT; both before and after. Right now, there are none that interest me. But I took part in one and I got a participation certificate reserved for the top 250 teams. I think I should learn Javascript to build all sorts of apps. I like innovation to help others.

The Internet is a great innovation in itself and it helps people a lot.