Every one is a sinner (The final religion post)

We Christians only ask those who know that they are sinners to repent. As long as you don’t know that you are a sinner; we cannot ask you to repent. (How can one ask a good man to repent?)

The Navy Seals of religion, the Pharisees, those who could have been thought to be the only ones who could uphold the law (if not them, who else?), turned out to be the worst sinners. Who could accuse a Pharisee of ever doing something wrong?

Now, are you sure you are healthy? The Pharisees killed Jesus Christ!

There are so many healthy people in India, enjoying life and running the marathon. How I wish they would stop for a second and drink a glass of cold water! It may be a very hard thing to do; the system has made it extremely hard for us, but if you stop, you’ll begin to see how thirsty you really are.

Religion is man searching for God, Christianity is God searching for man. It is not a man-made religion. When you stop the pursuit of your own right and wrong; when you start to notice that you are not healthy and when you stop prescribing your own thought-out medicine to yourself, then we can begin talking about Jesus. Nothing can be done before that! (As long as you don’t reach the point of either-Jesus-or-nothing sort of desperation, we can’t begin before that.) It’s not our religion versus their religion: it’s man searching for God versus God searching for man. It is just like the old times. The prostitutes and tax collectors were too tired of religion, it was Jesus-or-nothing for them. (Who among them would have questioned the authority and veracity of Jesus Christ? They were too conscious of their sins. They were the sheep of whom Jesus said that they won’t listen to thieves and robbers. Jesus said, my sheep recognise and listen to my voice, and follow me. You don’t choose Jesus, He chooses you.) Those who listened to religion went for a self-prescribed medicine and those who were sick and desperate went to Jesus.

Wisdom is knowing that you are a sinner!

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